Tara, 34 years old and mum of two, contracted the flesh-eating bacteria during the 2018 Christmas holidays. She survived, which is a miracle according to her doctors, but the damage is severe and irreversible. Both her legs (up to halfway above the knee) and both her hands (up to halfway her lower arms) had to be amputated in order to stay alive. The costs are enormous: (electric) prostheses/wheelchair, other necessary equipment, medical bills, refurbishment costs, … Tara and her family cannot bear the costs alone. That’s why we’ve started a non-profit association, to help them bear the costs. Can you lend us a hand as well? Read more about Tara and what happened to her, about how you can help us and how you can contact us. We’ve heard there’s strength in numbers… So we hope we can count on you, too. Thank you in advance! 

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